Injector Repair Kits

Our Fuel Injector Repair Kits complement the ASNU program as well as offer jobbers & installers a complete program of kits designed to service many types of injectors: Bosch, Lucas, Weber, JECS, Siemens, Nippon Kiki, Denso, Sagem, Bendix, Rochester, Hitachi and others including the latest technology GDI injectors (Gasoline Direct Injection).

We use only premium quality original and aftermarket components in our manufacturing process that meet or exceed OE specifications. The o-rings & seals we utilize are made with premium fluorocarbon, filters are original, the same ones manufacturers use when building new injectors. All components are precision designed to guarantee accurate & effective functioning after proper maintenance has been performed utilizing our state-of-the-art ASNU fuel injector diagnostic & cleaning system.

Watch out for competitors offering “cheaper” kits. There is a reason they are cheap. Their kits usually consist of low cost poor quality off shore knock offs, that give ineffective results and end up costing more time & money in the end.

We highly recommend to service your gasoline injectors with the ASNU gasoline fuel injector diagnostic & cleaning equipment.